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Northern Iraq Power Project

Overview:: One of three projects in Iraq BTEC carried out simultaneously, this power project in the North again proved that the company can quickly assess, mobilize and provide superior technical services.

Customer: Major Government Contractor

Situation: With failing power supply in war-torn Iraq causing civil unrest, BTEC received a request to provide immediate manpower and technical services to repair an existing power plant.

The BTEC Response: When BTEC personnel arrived at the site, they found three 20 MW gas turbine generator units in varying stages of disassembly, with many major components missing. Although BTEC did not have a management role on this project, the company's existing relationship with the contractor meant assessments, overhauls and re-assembly work could begin immediately. This allowed the job to be on the fast track from the start.

  • BTEC assisted in the overhauls on two Frame 5 turbines.
  • We installed new control systems on both units.
  • All recommissioning and start-up activities were completed concurrently.
In a location beset by war and civil unrest, we successfully performed fast-track recommissioning and start-up activities on three new gas turbine generator units.
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