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Nasiriyah Power Project

Overview: This project demonstrated not only ability but also agility, as BTEC responded rapidly to an equipment order then successfully made modifications on the ground with unrivaled proficiency and speed.

Customer: Perini Corporation

Situation: The customer ordered a Frame 6B Gas Turbine Generator Set for installation in Southern Iraq, but operating parameters changed while the unit was in transport.

The BTEC Response: Within 38 days of receiving the order for a Frame 6B Gas Turbine Generator Package, BTEC had built a package around a new Frame 6B gas turbine, converted it to specified 50 Hertz and dual fuel, full speed tested it using natural gas at the company's Houston facility and had it on the ground in Nasiriyah. However, during transportation of the unit to Iraq, operating parameters were changed by the end-user to include crude oil as a primary fuel.

  • We converted the 6B to a tri-fuel unit by engineering, manufacturing and supplying a distillate/crude fuel treatment system.
  • BTEC was also contracted to engineer and procure the balance of plant equipment, which was accomplished in less than two months.
  • We engineered the conversion in the field of the turbine to crude oil operation. BTEC provided technical support during construction, then managed and performed start-up, commissioning, operations and maintenance. In less than 180 days we had supervised the re-assembly of the supplied equipment, completed the commissioning and start-up services and synchronized the unit to the national grid.
When our customer suddenly changed operating parameters, we quickly converted a Frame 6B unit to a tri-fuel unit, engineering, manufacturing and supplying a distillate/crude fuel system.
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