BTEC Turbines LP
Gas Turbine Package Upgrades

BTEC Turbines offers the industry a new, cost-effective alternative to field refurbishment: In-house remanufacturing of gas turbine packages that simplifies and expedites the upgrading of existing equipment.

  • Our 25-100 MW gas turbine packages include a remanufactured turbine, custom-designed integrated control system and complete start-up and technical support.
  • By exchanging your old unit with a completely remanufactured gas turbine package, we eliminate the need for on-site overhaul - which is generally a time-consuming, disruptive process. In fact, downtime is reduced by as much as 80 percent.
  • New equipment modifications dramatically increase reliability and availability.
  • Because most components, not just the turbine, are remanufactured or replaced, maintenance requirements decline.
  • We can typically remove an existing unit and install a remanufactured package in less than 60 days, with minimal disruption to operations.

Package exchange reduces downtime.

  • Lower costs
  • Fast track projects
  • Better risk control
  • Less downtime
  • Improved operating plant performance and profitability
  • Control systems that meet specific needs
  • Projects brought online on time and within budget for clients worldwide