BTEC Turbines LP
Remanufactured Gas Turbine Packages

With performance and warranty protection equal to OEM equipment - but at a significantly lower cost - BTEC Turbines' custom-designed, remanufactured gas turbine packages represent savings at every turn.

  • Our 25-100 MW gas turbine packages include a remanufactured turbine, custom-designed integrated control system and complete start-up and technical support.
  • We perform all aspects of the remanufacturing process, from core frame unit procurement through assembly, testing, shipping and installation.
  • Only the large rotating equipment is rebuilt. We replace all instrumentation, auxiliary mechanical equipment and enclosures with the newest technology.
  • Each gas turbine package is fully warranted, with terms comparable to new OEM equipment.

The BTEC Turbines' process assures performance.

  • Lower costs
  • Fast track projects
  • Better risk control
  • Less downtime
  • Improved operating plant performance and profitability
  • Control systems that meet specific needs
  • Projects brought online on time and within budget for clients worldwide