BTEC Turbines LP
Custom Built

Turnkey power plant EPC for improved budget, schedule and risk control.

  • Full-scope engineering, procurement and construction for green field construction of power plants.
  • More favorable pricing and schedules because BTEC manufactures or already owns most of the major plant equipment.
  • Emphasis on risk control.
  • EPC teams include experienced project managers, engineers and field personnel. We employ in-country craftsmen when possible.
  • Strong network of suppliers, vendors and subcontractors for agile, customized response.
  • Ability to replace major portions of aging facilities saves money over plant replacement.
Customized control systems include proprietary fuel logic, advanced start-up/shutdown sequencing and fire detection and suppression integration.
  • Lower costs
  • Fast track projects
  • Better risk control
  • Less downtime
  • Improved operating plant performance and profitability
  • Control systems that meet specific needs
  • Projects brought online on time and within budget for clients worldwide