BTEC Turbines LP
Turbine Control System

Our customized control systems offer you a low cost solution.

BTEC is a leader in the design, customization, manufacture and integration of control systems for gas turbine generators, compressors and balance of plant equipment. BTEC's proprietary control systems optimize plant start-up, reducing delays associated with bringing projects online.

  • Turbine Control System
    • A proven design based on a GE 90-70 PLC, operating over 50 turbines worldwide.
    • Cost-efficient, reliable, custom-integrated.
    • Graphical representation of operating processes and sequences facilitate operation and reduce training time.
    • Human Machine Interface provides real-time and historical trending of all operating parameters.
    • Optional remote operator interface for control and monitoring.
  • Supervisory Control System
    • Used worldwide to control both aero-derivative and frame type unit power plants.
    • Graphical interface centralizes total plant control and monitoring into one system.
    • All major plant processes are easily integrated into the system by hardwired I/O or data communications.
    • Main panel equipped with GE Fanuc PLC and a local operator station with rack-mounted server, workstation, networking equipment and battery backup system.
    • Optional configuration can connect remote operator station to multiple remote stations.
  • Generator Control System
    • Custom-built to control any type of generator.
    • Configured to 50 or 60 Hz.
    • Integrates all generator protection and Automatic Voltage Regulator functions into one system for efficient, reliable and fast response.
    • Can communicate directly with BTEC Supervisory Control System for rapid analysis of faults and excitation system problems.
    • * Seamlessly integrates with BTEC Turbine Control System to streamline control of all power plant functions into one system.
  • Fuel Control System
    • Operates turbines ranging from 15 to 65 MW.
    • Proven system operating worldwide.
    • Dependable electrically driven fuel control valve quickly and accurately controls turbine output under all operating conditions and reduces long term operating costs associated with high-pressure hydraulic systems.

Control systems customized to your needs.

  • Lower costs
  • Fast track projects
  • Better risk control
  • Less downtime
  • Improved operating plant performance and profitability
  • Control systems that meet specific needs
  • Projects brought online on time and within budget for clients worldwide