BTEC Turbines LP
Company Overview

The only company of its kind in the United States, BTEC generates solutions, from supplying turbines to performing turnkey EPC for power islands and plants.

  • Turnkey power plant design, construction, commissioning and support
    • EPC for green field construction
    • EPC for major plant overhauls
  • Production capabilities for remanufacturing 25-100 MW gas turbine generator packages
    • Including custom-designed integrated fuel and control systems
  • Industry-leading control system expertise
    • Turbine Control System
    • Supervisory Control System
    • Generator Control System
    • Fuel Control System
  • Complete EPC, commissioning and technical support
    • Engineering, procurement and construction management
    • Operator training
    • Long-term maintenance
  • Technical support

  • Lower costs
  • Fast track projects
  • Better risk control
  • Less downtime
  • Improved operating plant performance and profitability
  • Control systems that meet specific needs
  • Projects brought online on time and within budget for clients worldwide